Medical marijuana business approved to launch new billboard marketing

Releaf Medical Marijuana (Nathan O'Neal / KSNV News 3)

Medical marijuana dispensary owners say city rules regarding advertising within Las Vegas city limits make it hard for them to compete and attract patients.

The Las Vegas City Council unanimously voted Wednesday to allow "Releaf" - a dispensary located near the county-city border - to launch three advertising billboards along Sahara Avenue. The dispensary owners say the city rules were stricter than Clark County's and put them at a disadvantage with their competitors.

"Our sign outside is pretty small, so the sidewalk is 100 feet away from our sign," said Michael Hayford, the Launch Manager of Las Vegas Releaf. "You really can't read that sign from the street."

Hayford said the new marketing tool would help connect patients to the dispensary and avoid online black markets.

"You go online and you go to one of those websites, how do you differentiate between black market, grey and legal? If you can't, you think they're all legal," said Hayford.

The city council approved the trial run for a period of 12 months to see if altering the current city ordinance would be appropriate.

The billboards will be more than 2,000 feet away from the nearest school.

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