Medical Marijuana patient asks Nevada Supreme Court to end mandatory state registration

Medical Marijuana Picture 2 [MGN Online - 5-20-16].jpg

A medical marijuana patient is asking the Nevada Supreme Court to reconsider its refusal to end mandatory state registration and fees for medical pot cards now that marijuana is legal statewide for recreational use.

The southern Nevada man is a migraine-suffer identified in court papers only as John Doe. He accuses the state of discriminating against medicinal pot users by regulating them more strictly than their recreational counterparts.

Las Vegas attorney Jacob Hafter filed a petition for rehearing on his behalf late Thursday. He characterizes the justices as "cowardly" for side-stepping questions about health care rights in their ruling Tuesday denying Doe's appeal.

Hafter says forcing medical pot card holders to register with the state is a violation of their constitutional rights against self-incrimination given that the U.S. government still considers pot illegal.

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