Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots reach combined total of $738 million

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It's the kind of money that can change your life: Tuesday nights Mega Millions jackpot is worth $318 million and Wednesday's Powerball is $420 million.

But with no lottery in Nevada, locals are once again leaving town to spend that money.

It is such a Nevadan thing to do: we can gamble 24/7 just about anywhere, but when the lottery bumps up, it's time to cross the border for a chance at millions.

Denise Morrison, a Bullhead City Resident, knows it's the river that brings visitors to her city. Whether it's fishing or boating, there is a shortage of options on a March afternoon.

"I haven't had a bite for a while," she said. "Beautiful day! No wind."

But just up Highway 95, customers at Fastrip Food Store are hoping for a bigger catch.

"When they come from out of state, especially Las Vegas since they don't have the lottery, they don't know how to fill out the slips," said Store Manager Ishtiaq Saeed Mirza.

Mirza says business has been steady. The store itself is pretty lucky, having sold a $1 million winner just two-years-ago. He hopes they're due to hit again.

"You never know," Mirza states. "That's what gambling is about, taking your chance, right?"

Customer Herschel Lacy says "be nice, be nice to win."

Lacy is feeling lucky and has plans for the winnings.

"I got some grandkids to go to college, buy some nice little houses and stuff," Lacy said.

But for sheer originality, it's hard to beat the River Market. It's billed as the only convenience store in Bullhead City with a drive up windows that sells lottery tickets.

"The retired people don't want to get out of the car," said Frank Anbardan, the River Market's owner. "They use our drive-thru."

Anbardan has had the store for a year and says this jackpot has not generated long lines yet. He believes serious lottery players are used to more.

"Couple months ago it was $750 million, This is half," said Anbardan.

Still, it only takes one. And here on the river, folks in Bullhead City hope the "one" is sold right here.

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