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Mental Health Matters: Christina Aldan's story

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We're honored to start a new series - mental health matters.

Conversations with experts, survivors, and others on their path of healing.

All with the hopes that someone out there may be helped by their perseverance.

This series begins with my conversation with a mother who turned her pain into purpose after her husband died of suicide.

Three and half years ago, Christina Aldan's world just stopped.

"He was my best friend. It was like cutting off my arm. I was completely lost," she says.

And anger flooded in, and through therapy, she learned that those strong feelings needed an outlet.

"Emotion needs motion to push it through. I would do push-ups. When I started, I could only three or four, but I would burst from the floor. It was like I was pushing the floor away from me."

That motion is also seen through "Healing Hikes." Truly, she needed a reason to keep going.

The future generation inspired her to give back in the name of her soul mate, her late husband.

Her certification in mental health first aid for youth helps her feel empowered, knowing she has the capacity to be there for someone in need.

Christina Aldan just finished writing her book that goes over dozens of tools that helped bring her to where she is today.

Look for that soon.

Also, this is a community conversation -- as she said, you're not alone. We have a team of therapists ready to answer your questions and offer help.

Send us an email or call us with a message on an issue you need help with.

We hope to address mental health matters together, and we can only do that with your help.

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And if you know someone in need now, the national suicide prevention lifeline is 800-273-8255.

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