Metro carjacking suspect tells judge he's not getting proper medical treatment behind bars

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Suspect in Metro carjacking tells judge he's not getting proper medical treatment behind bars

The man accused of stealing a Metro patrol car and trying to run down an officer says he's not getting proper medical treatment behind bars.

Jamal Gwynn, 27, was shot three times during the May 6 incident.

What would have been a routine hearing, turned into a medical concern for Gwynn.

Gwynn is accused of stealing a marked police car and steering directly at Officer Pat Sherwood who opened fire on Gwynn. Three weeks after the incident, Gwynn started talking about his injuries.

"I need to be checked for lead poisoning because I was shot three times," Gwynn told the judge.

When the judge asked Gwynn if he had been seen by a doctor, he told him they're not doing anything for him.

Gwynn also told the judge the doctor gave him a 99.8 percent chance of death.

Police say Gwynn was shot twice in the chest and suffered a graze wound to the arm, but during a news conference just days after the incident, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill explained why those injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

"I believe the door frame or the door itself and the window probably slowed the bullets down enough that they didn't penetrate the chest cavity," said Undersheriff McMahill.

Police were originally called out that night after a woman was carjacked near Buffalo and Vegas. On-Star remotely disabled the vehicle as Officer Sherwood rolled up to see Gwynn get out. There was a foot chase and investigators say Gwynn circled back to the patrol car, jumped in and drove towards Sherwood.

"When you watch the video, you see he barely escapes being run over," said Undersheriff McMahill.

Gwynn is now charged with a handful of felonies including robbery, attempted murder, and grand larceny auto.

Crimes are not mentioned as Gwynn asked Judged Ann Zimmerman for better medical attention behind bars.

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