Michelle Paet sentenced to life without parole for conspiring to kill her husband

Michelle Paet sentenced to life without parole (Denise Rosch/KSNV)

A poisonous apple is what prosecutor describes a woman who arranged the murder of her own husband.

Michelle Paet will spend the rest of her life in prison with no chance for parole for the shooting death of her husband Nellis Staff Sgt. Nathan Paet.

In court, Michelle Paet sobbed as she told the judge that her husband was a good man, but his family says her love put him in a box in a cemetery. "I made a huge mistake and a really bad choice and I'm truly sorry," said Michelle Paet.

Paet cried non-stop as she addressed the judge and the two families sitting in court where relatives of her murdered husband say she had shot and killed over roughly $650,000 in insurance money.

"I hope and pray that one day each and every one of them will find it in their hearts to truly forgive me," said Paet.

It happened more than 5 years ago in December 2010. Staff Sgt. Paet was heading to work when he was confronted by two men inside his own garage in southwest Las Vegas. One of the men, Michael Rodriguez, Michelle worked with and had a brief affair.

Attorneys on both sides offered one last argument while in court today.

"Lonely, bored wife syndrome is not a defense to murder," said Prosecutor Michelle Fleck while Defense Attorney Kristina Widefield asked did she know Michael Rodriguez was going to kill her husband that night? No.

But Judge Douglas Herndon says Michelle Paet was much more involved that she's willing to admit and Nathan Paet's family agrees and telling the court, the couple's four children are now afraid of their mom.

"They are afraid that if she can do this to their father, she may be capable of doing it them also," said mother Carmelita Paet.

"I don't hate you. I just don't believe you ever deserve to see a free day ever again for what you have done to my family. The Paets. A name you do not deserve to carry," said sister-in-law Veronica Paet.

Michelle Paet was sentenced to life without parole. She had pleaded guilty in this case to avoid the death sentence. As for Rodriguez, he was found guilty at trial last year. The accused triggerman, Corey Hawkins, he also agreed to a plea deal.


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