Millions in upgrades give UNLV a boost in new technology

UNLV Safety upgrades.PNG

UNLV is in the process of getting campus upgrading for students.

The newest additions include better security, more campus cameras, and classroom technology. Both UNLV’s main campus and Shadow Lane Campus are getting about $16.5 million in upgrades, which also include new emergency call boxes with cameras and lights.

Executive Director of Planning, Construction and University Architect, David Frommer, said with the newest technology police can remotely monitor the emergency call stations through their surveillance cameras. They can also tell if the unit is malfunctioning. Some units also have the ability to be used as a public address system.

The money for new projects came from student fees. Upgrades will also provide better classroom technology, WI-FI upgrades, and a new campus police headquarters.

So far 19 call stations have been installed in different areas of campus, but there will be about 100 total emergency call stations after the project is finished.

UNLV campus police are also offering a defense class for women on March 30th. Click here for details.

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