Mobile device gambling will likely occur at new Raiders stadium

Betting at Raiders Stadium.PNG

Technically, gambling probably won’t be allowed in the Las Vegas Raiders Stadium, but technologically it probably will be.

Last week, a lease agreement was inked which moves forward the development of a $1.9 billion, 65-thousand seat stadium. Part of that agreement includes language that forbids, "Any gaming or gambling, the maintaining or operating of a gaming establishment."

On the surface, it would seem to prohibit "any" form of gambling from within the stadium, but what that statement doesn't discuss are cell phones.

Nevada Gaming Commissioner Dr. Tony Alamo says, “If a stadium doesn't want a kiosk in there that's well within their rights, they can zone it to whatever they want, they can decide what they want, but in terms of mobile gaming, that's regulated by the state of Nevada."

Alamo says currently there are no official plans to try and prohibit mobile device gaming at the stadium, and in fact, he would encourage it.

"So for the NFL to say that bets aren't being accomplished, they are,” said Alamo. “And at the end of the day if bets are going to happen, where do you want them to happen? In Nevada."

Betting, via mobile apps and in sportsbooks is already taking place in other sports in Las Vegas, including college hoops, even NCAA playoffs. Many sports fans agree football should be included as well.

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