Mother of man who died in LVMPD custody: 'They killed my boy'

Tashii Brown, 40, died while in police custody at the Venetian Hotel over the weekend. (Photo provided)

The family of the local man who died after being tased, punched, and put into a chokehold-style restraint by a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer said he suffered a mental illness.

Tashii Brown, 40, died while in police custody at the Venetian Hotel over the weekend. Police say he approached two officers unarmed inside the hotel and was acting "erratic."

Police said officers followed the man who ran to the back of the building and tried to enter a citizen's truck. Police said he was tased, punched, and placed into a "Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint." Brown became unconscious and died less than an hour later.

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"They said he went for help and then everything just went crazy and they killed my boy," said Brown's mother, Trinita Farmer.

Brown's family said he was recently diagnosed manic depressant and concede he has had troubles. In fact, Brown was picked up in Hawaii in 2009 on attempted murder charges.

According to a recent report, LVMPD officers used the controversial neck restraint maneuver 51 times last year.

However, the ACLU of Nevada is calling for the department to stop using the tactic.

"It looks like a chokehold – whether or not it's being applied properly is the question," said ACLU Nevada Executive Director Tod Story. "We would like to see this particular practice stopped we think it is a use of excessive force and unnecessary."

LVMPD plans to address the media on the incident at the Venetian Hotel on Wednesday.

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