Mother speaks out after losing her daughter in a North Las Vegas fire sparked by candle

Mother speaks out after losing her daughter in a North Las Vegas fire sparked by candle

The mother of a 55-year-old woman who lost her life in a house fire is speaking out.

"Her wittiness. Her smile for sure. Her love for her cat. Love for her parents." That's how Marge Ainsworth, the mother of the fire victim, Debra Deihl, remembers her daughter.

North Las Vegas police say early Monday morning, just after 2 a.m., a fire broke out at the Ainsworths' home off of Washburn Road and Commerce Street. When firefighters arrived, they found Deihl severely burned outside the home trying to fight the fire with a hose.

"The fire started. She tried to put it out. She went outside with the hose. She did have burns on her", said Ainsworth.

Paramedics rushed Debra to UMC, where she later died. The coroner ruled she died because of thermal and inhalation injuries. North Las Vegas police say a candle started the blaze.

"A candle started the fire, but there are too many conflicting stories," said Ainsworth.

The family's dog, a mixed Chihuahua named Peaches, also died in the blaze. Luckily, Ainsworth was able to find her daughter's cat, Ninja. The cat escaped the fire and was found at an animal shelter.

Neighbor Flor Garcia says the death has been tough for the community.

"It's shocking because one day you are here and the other day you are not. It's something you don't expect," Flor Garcia told News 3.

Ainsworth says her daughter's death is especially heartbreaking for her since this happened the day after Mother's Day. Ainsworth says she will never forget the last moments she had with her daughter before she left for a weekend trip.

"She had a really big smile. She said, 'Mom, not to worry, everything will be taken care of. We'll see you when you get back,'" said Ainsworth.

If you would like to help the Ainsworth family with funeral donations, click here.

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