Multi-million dollar movie theater opening near downtown Las Vegas


An underserved part of North Las Vegas is getting a state of the art movie theater.

Owners of the new Maya Cinemas say their $75 million entertainment center is spurring other development in the area once considered a depressed part of town.

Construction workers are putting the last minute touches on Maya Cinemas.

It will have 14-movie screens with luxury reclining seating, Dolby sound, huge arcade and cantina.

CEO of Maya Cinemas Moctesuma Esparza said, "For me, it's very simple. This is a community that was crying out for a world class movie theater in their own neighborhood."

The theater sits right in front of the Silver Nugget Casino.

Esparza is well aware of this part of downtown North Las Vegas he says it's been economically depressed but that is about to change.

"We are the impetus for the redevelopment and the new construction of North Las Vegas downtown. We are going to be the engine that transforms the community."

Nevada Flowers sits just blocks away from the theater on Las Vegas Boulevard. Business owners here can't wait to see the doors open to this state of the art cinema.

Nevada Flowers worker Jenny Fierro said, "They are excited to see the new businesses here. They are expanding. We hope it's going to bring more businesses to us."

North Las Vegas residents like Gerald Banks are elated to see such a development in their neighborhood. Banks has lived here all his life and tells us this is a dream come true.

"I like the concept of it. I think it’s going to be a good thing for the people here in North Las Vegas because we haven't had nothing like this here in this part of town."

Esparza says coming shortly are four restaurants and eleven retail spaces around the theater.

"When you bring light and life, communities change. They become happier and safer."

Maya Cinemas is scheduled to open January 18.

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