Natural Grocers newest grocery store coming to the valley

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A Colorado-based grocery company is coming to the Las Vegas valley.

Get ready to shop at Natural Grocers. Two stores will be opening August ninth in Henderson on Sunset and Arroyo Grande, and in North Las Vegas at Simmons and West Centennial Parkway.

Co-President Kemper Isley says Natural Grocers sells only organic produce and does not use bags saving space in our landfills.

"In our opinion every company has an obligation to minimize environmental impact and we figure one of the better ways for us to do that is discontinuing the use of bags at check out," say Isley says.

Henderson shopper Donnamarie Haberstock already uses cloth bags and is price conscious. She's intrigued by the future arrival of Natural Grocers and hopes the produce and other nutritious products will be affordable for her large family.

"I think it would be a good idea if the prices are comparable to Smith's and other stores like that," said Haberstock.

Henderson Director of Development Barbra Coffee says Natural Grocers is a perfect fit for Henderson, which she emphasizes is a health-conscious community with hiking, biking and walking trails. She says citizens are interested in good nutrition.

"It's certainly something consumers are looking for and I think our community will be excited at the offerings they have," said Coffee.

The Natural Grocers in Henderson will be taking over a property that was formerly a Fresh & Easy.

Between the two future stores, at least 50 people will be hired.

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