NDOT: Project Neon half-way done, set to wrap up Summer of 2019

Nevada Department of Transportation says Project Neon is about 73% complete, so things are moving along nicely.

News 3 caught up with some locals who say, because of their jobs, they have had to get creative and find ways around all of the Project Neon traffic.

"I drive during the daytime for a limousine company and I do the best I can with what's going on," says Dan who is a limousine driver for a local company. He spends most of his days behind the wheel but since the start of Project Neon, he says it has not been easy.

"It is very inconvenient for us who work here in town who have to take our clients certain places," says Dan.

Project Neon is a one-billion-dollar expansion project and its purpose is to widen the I-15 from the Spaghetti Bowl to Sahara Avenue.

However, the detours and congested traffic has locals asking "when will it end?"

Britton Allen, a UNLV dental student told News 3, "It is always hard when things are closed and you have to find new ways to get to school."

She says many patients get lost or turned around because of the Project Neon mess.

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They have to pay close attention to the construction changes and come up with alternate routes.

"The school is actually doing a really good job at sending us an itemized note when closures are happening," said Allen. "So if you know your patients are coming in, I will give them a sheet and say this is how you get to your appointment the next time you come."

On Friday, NDOT announced that Project Neon is on track and 73 % complete.

So far, crews have demolished nine bridges and started construction on 12 others.

They have also opened some newly built lanes.

However, starting next week, drivers should brace themselves because some new closures are coming.

That is not news that Dan the limo driver wanted to hear.

"I am ready for it to be complete. I really am at this time," he says.

Some drivers like Allen are trying to look at the bright side.

"I mean I am excited to see what it will look like when it is done," says Allen.

Even though Project Neon is on the right track, we still have a ways to go.

The project is not set to wrap until the Summer of 2019.

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