Nevada Highway Patrol to the rescue: Trooper helps stranded mother and son

NHP Trooper Saves The Day (Denise Rosch - KSNV)

A word of thanks. A local mother says a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper went above and beyond to help get her 10-year-old son to an important school event, but the trooper says he was just doing his job.

It all began with a tire blowout on the freeway.

Dylan Chiti said he'd been waiting for months to test his skills. He was a participant in this year's Math Kangaroo competition, an international event where the best and brightest compete for prizes and scholarship money.

"To me it felt very important," said Dylan.

His chances were nearly blown, along with the tire, while his mother drove along 215 near Sahara on Thursday, March 17.

"I looked over at him and I started to cry. The competition oh my gosh he's going to miss it," said Dylan's mother, Sandra Chiti.

Chiti says that's when she called Geico Roadside Assistance, but learned a service tech wouldn't be there for at least an hour. Meantime, NHP was dispatched.

That's when Trooper Adam Whitmarsh came to the rescue.

"Anything positive I could do for her. It was her worst day and being able to help, that made my day," said Trooper Whitmarsh.

"He said, 'OK you have a math competition.' I said, 'Are you going to take us?'" said Chiti.

Both mother and son jumped into the back of the patrol car and headed to the competition, walking in with just minutes to spare.

"She said it's the only time I'm allowed in the back of a police car," said Dylan.

"Do this all the time. I've been doing it for five years," said Trooper Whitmarsh.

"Stories like that help restore faith in humanity," said Chiti.

Their luck didn't end there. Mother and son later returned to their car to wait for the service tech when Trooper Whitmarsh drove by again. This time, he pulled the spare out from under the vehicle and got to work.

"At that point, I YouTube'd how to fix it and I changed it for her, " he said.

"He got on the ground and changed the tire so we could get home safe," said Chiti.

A small kindness for a stranded mom and the boy who just wanted to compete.

"I would say thank you. It was very kind and I thought I was going to miss the competition too," said Dylan.

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