Nevada politicians react to release of intelligence memo

Gop memo.PNG

In perhaps the most anticipated four pages Washington has waited for months, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee claim the FBI and Justice Department are essentially biased against the president in the ongoing probe over whether Russia helped the Trump campaign.

Republicans, led by their Chairman, Representative Devin Nunes, R-California, voted in committee along party lines for the release, which was green-lighted today by the White House.

Here's what's really happening, according to Democrat Dina Titus:

“Well, I think it's an attempt by the Republicans to muddy the water, to discredit the justice department and the FBI,” Titus says.

Titus also states, to derail the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, which appears to be accelerating.

Some highlights:

The memo claims the FBI improperly obtained a wiretap, in part, by not telling a judge some of its information came from a Democratic-leaning source.

Not true, Democrats say.

They say Republicans are cherry-picking information and not presenting full context.

"This partisan memo is nothing more than an attempt to distract people from the very real issue, did a presidential candidate's campaign work with a foreign government to influence our election process?” said Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nevada, in a statement.

Conservatives believe there are those in government working against the administration. They call it the "deep state."

"The deep state is ever present, active and a threat to our republic," said Republican Nevada Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian today in a statement. I talked to him by phone later.

“What I'm saying is that there's an establishment group in Washington - non-partisan, both Republicans and Democrats - that want to protect their sacred positions,” he told me. “Well, I think the memo is incredibly damaging, and it’s scary to every law-abiding, Constitutional-loving American”, says Tarkanian.

The office of heller's primary opponent, dean heller, says "as a champion of greater transparency and government accountability, senator heller believes that the public deserves transparency as well as the facts surrounding this issue."

“Declassifying this memo, filled with innuendo to support unsubstantiated claims, is a blatant attempt to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation for political gain,” says Rep. Jacky Rosen, D-Nevada.

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