Nevada primaries to feature new technology and new voting locations


Nevada's primary election is already breaking records in voter turnout after early voting wrapped up Friday.

But this Tuesday -- election day - will usher in new technology and new polling places, which could affect your polling plans.

"Just like early voting, there's no one voting place for you," says Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria. "You can vote at any polling place."

There are several high-profile races at stake this Tuesday, including the primary battles for governor.

Clark County is also rolling out new voting machines this year, which feature bigger touch screens and more security measures in place to protect the integrity of the voting process.

While the county no longer assigns voting locations, some candidates worry it could throw a curve ball at voters and compromise potentially tight races.

"What happened is a lot of the neighborhood precinct places are no longer there, and there's no evidence there that says, if I show up, where I'm supposed to vote," says Tick Segerblom, a candidate for Clark County Commission. "So I'm worried there could be thousands of people who show up, and there's no place to go."

Your best bet is to check your sample ballot for polling locations before you head out the door.

Click here to find a vote center in Clark County near you.

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