Nevada Senator wants tougher internet privacy laws

Nevada Senator wants tougher internet privacy laws. 5/11/17 (KSNV)

Nevada Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford introduced an emergency bill on Thursday designed to strengthen internet privacy in Nevada. If passed the bill would require operators of websites or services to provide a notice of user’s personal information that is collected by the site.

The Attorney General would have the power to prosecute sites that fail to tell consumers what information is being grabbed.

In a statement, Senator Ford told us “For generations, privacy has been an essential Nevada value and that should not change in the Internet age. This bill takes the simple step of requiring that consumers receive fair notice when their personal information is being collected. It’s important that Nevada’s privacy laws reflect the fact that we are all conducting more and more of our lives online.”

The bill comes just a month after Congress passed legislation that rolled back internet privacy policies. That change allowed websites or services to take data from users without their consent.

That Federal legislation was cosponsored by Senator Dean Heller.

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