Nevada teen honors law enforcement with personalized metal signs


Donovan Swanson knows law enforcement officers meet dangerous challenges every day on our streets.

“I want to go into law enforcement,” explained the 18-year-old from Winnemucca, Nevada.

Growing up, Swanson said he had a love for metal and wood shop in middle school.

Eventually, he focused on designing, building and creating unique pieces of art to honor those who risk their lives.

Swanson makes steel metal signs for law enforcement.

Each one is personalized to feature the trooper or officer’s name and badge number.

So far, Swanson has made signs for Winnemucca Police Department, Humboldt County Sheriff's Office and Nevada Highway Patrol.

“Honestly, I have never made so many metal signs before I started making stuff for Nevada Highway Patrol,” said Swanson. “I think looking back at it now, I have probably done over 100 signs for officers, deputies, and troopers across Nevada, California, and Florida."

On Thursday, Swanson made the trip to NHP’s headquarters in Las Vegas to hand deliver two signs to Troopers Jason Buratczuk and Travis Smaka.

“He contacted us over Instagram saying he wanted to make signs for us because he had never done signs for any troopers down in Southern Nevada,” said Trooper Jason Buratczuk. “He wanted to do something even more so, because of 1 October."

According to Buratczuk, Swanson said “I am going to make it really special. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.”

Swanson makes the metal signs for free, on his own time.

Buratczuk and Smaka’s signs are extra meaningful. They read, “Vegas Strong.”

“I was personally touched that such a young man, from a small town in Nevada, was thinking about the Troopers who were in Las Vegas,” explained Trooper Buratczuk.

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