New City Manager hire for Boulder City raises eyebrows in California

BOulder City meetig.PNG

It's a tale of two cities, two controversies centering around one man.

A city official near Bakersfield, California could be Boulder City's newest hire.

Meet Alfonso Noyola. He lives in Clark County and used to work in North Las Vegas but at his current job in Arvin, California, he's also the city manager, according to our affiliate station KBAK.

"I will tell you by law, city managers do not have to reside in the community in which they serve," Nolya told a reporter for KBAK.

Noyola splits his time between California and Nevada. He got his contract amended so he could work Friday's at his home more than two hundred miles from his office.

But what sparked controversy is Noyola considers Nevada home and he's leaving the city of Arvin, California in the middle of a budget crisis.

According to KBAK's investigative team, Arvin's budget deficit is close to $2 million.

We wanted to know what kind of contract he was getting here in Nevada but we couldn't find out, Boulder City Council didn't discuss the contract at their meeting, instead, they had behind closed doors.

“You trust the vetting process you never know exactly who you’re hiring so you negotiate a good contract. We’re confident he’ll do a good job, Mayor Woodbury told us.

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