New Living Spaces furniture store in Boca Park set to open soon

Another major furniture retailer set to open in LasVegas - The commercial real estate/furniture connection. 11/30/16 (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

Boca Park is getting a brand new tenant. Furniture retailer Living Spaces has moved into the giant empty warehouse next to REI.

One Boca shopper noted, "Everything's filling up out here. It's only going to make it better out here. There has been a but if a boom in commercial real estate lately, particularly with the furniture industry.

First IKEA opened in the southwest, then came major additions to Tivoli Village and Downtown Summerlin.

Commercial Real Estate Broker Brian Sorrentino say demand is overpowering supply.

"Now we have all these plaster plans back in development," said Sorrentino. "You have end users buying houses now versus investors as before, and there's a big demand for furniture."

Living Spaces has already been advertising its new location.

A VIP opening is scheduled for Wednesday of next week.

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