New monthly high for Nevada pot sales; top projections again

Photo: Martijn / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Nevada marijuana sales continue to outpace projections, reaching the highest monthly total in March since recreational sales became legal last July.

The Nevada Department of Taxation said Wednesday taxable sales of adult-use marijuana topped $41 million in March, a 16 percent increase from February and 14.5 percent more than the previous monthly record of $35.8 million in December.

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Taxes on medicinal and recreational pot brought in nearly $7.1 million in state revenue in March, bringing the nine-month total to $48.97 million. That amounts to 97 percent of the $50.3 million that was projected for the fiscal year, with three months still remaining.

Sales have surpassed projections every month.

Chief state economist Bill Anderson says the latest numbers reinforce the strong likelihood Nevada will close out the fiscal year in June with much more robust pot revenue collections than anticipated.

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