‘New normal’ for Las Vegas security after Route 91 concert shooting

Security expert says the Las Vegas shooting created a “new normal” for ALL future outdoor events in Las Vegas. On New Year's Eve, the Strip closes to vehicles and opens to countless people on foot. (KSNV file)

Security experts speaking with News 3 say the Route 91 concert shooting created a new normal for security at large outdoor events in Las Vegas.

“What we learned in October is that there’s a new threat, and in October what changed was he shot from an elevated position, and we have never seen that before, especially in tourism venues,” says Adam Coughran with the Tourism Safety Conference.

On New Year’s Eve, Las Vegas Boulevard closes to traffic and opens to tens of thousands of partygoers who party on the Strip.

James Cameron, of Security Concepts Group, is a former Army sniper and Blackwater bodyguard.

He says it’s impossible to guard against the threat of an overhead shooter.

“Unless you're the Secret Service where you can say 'OK' from the 12th floor up, while the President's visiting, nobody's in those rooms from this hotel--- this hotel,” says Cameron.

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Cameron says police and the public need to focus on the emergency plan for getting away from danger, regardless of the threat.

He also believes lawmakers should require strategically placed trauma kits for treating the wounded.

“Is it unreasonable to expect and have a requirement? You will have 10 percent of your expected attendance in medical first aid kits, and then preposition that around, with big red crosses on it,” says Cameron.

After the Route 91 attack, Cameron says he observed what appeared to be the lack of an emergency exit plan and not enough emergency medical resources.

Officials with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have scheduled a Wednesday morning briefing to discuss their preparations for Sunday’s New Year’s Eve celebration on the Las Vegas Strip.

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