New push-button system may improve taxi services in Las Vegas

It's called Kab-it! See how this button may help Cab Drivers in Las Vegas even the playing field with Uber. 6/07/17 (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

It looks a little like a toy, a gameshow-style button you press, and within minutes, up pulls a cab.

"You don't have to call in. You don't have to talk to someone. It works instantaneously and the dispatch system communicates to the driver," said Jonathan Schwartz of Yellow–Checker-Star Cab Corporation.

Schwartz says the so-called, “Kabit” button will revolutionize the taxi industry in Las Vegas.

Cab Driver Lee McKiernan says he likes it because it comes directly to them.

"We know that it's ours (the customer), we know that it's coming to us directly. We don't have to worry about another company picking it up," said McKiernan.

Schwartz says only the closest driver is notified, which means shorter wait times for customers.

"We've got to compete. We've got to provide service as efficiently and quickly as we possibly can," said Schwartz, who admits it's all about competing with ride-share companies like Uber, who are known for fast service.

With 200-plus businesses in Las Vegas already utilizing the Kabit, and accessibility via mobile device or computer at, he says the playing field has been leveled.

At least one Uber driver who spoke to News 3 believes ride-share companies, however, still have the upper hand.

"You pay less for Uber,” he said. “So they either bring the prices down and do what they're doing with the app, or it's just not going to work."

It's still early in the game, but Kabit users are hopeful the new push-button system will ultimately win them the prize of more business.

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