New technology feeds drivers connectivity while others hope to rid distracted driving

New technology feeds drivers connectivity while others hope to rid distracted driving. 1/04/17 (KSNV)

As car makers feed the need for drivers to stay connected, the effort to rid distracted driving is a top priority for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Cellcontrol's Jesse Hoggard said their product blocks apps from use while driving even on apple products. It gives parents and companies full control over drivers.

"Other apps in the market won't prevent you from accessing games like Pokémon Go or social media apps,” said Hoggard.

After decades of steady decline, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports an increase in road fatalities starting in 2015.

As innovations become more clever, some wonder if drivers will depend on technology rather than themselves to stay safe. As autonomous features come to the market, it inspires safety companies to come up with ways to protect drivers and passengers.

Alan Fratarcangeli of Key Safety Systems out of Detroit says their company is focused on seatbelts and steering wheels among their products. He said companies like his are building products that could meet specifications of future laws regarding drowsy and distracted drivers. Their newest product is a technology that vibrates the wheel and tightens the seatbelt if it detects the driver is distracted.

Last year Metro investigated 120 traffic deaths including auto pedestrians collisions.

Fratarcangeli said Europe already has a technology referred to as “Active Body Panels” that lesson impact, however, this concept is just hitting production in the U.S.

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