New MSG Sphere is cutting edge for concerts and only in Vegas


It’s the next generation for concert venues, where you can feel and experience entertainment in a whole new light.

Madison Square Gardens has announced it’s opening MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. It promises immersive and game-changing technology for concerts, award shows and perhaps even eSports.

It’ll hold 18,000 seats with room for 5,000 standing places. It’s a 360-foot tall sphere and the exterior is fully digitally programmable. The interior will offer the largest and highest resolution media display on earth, the company said. It also will feature bass pumping through the floor and even high-speed internet at each seat.

Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani said, “It’s just a different way of looking at entertainment.”

It’ll be situated behind the Venetian and Palazzo, right off Sands Avenue between Koval and Manhattan.

The company expects to break ground this year and complete the project in 2020.

Giunchigliani said it’s a tight fit in that spot, but a great location because first, it will offer construction jobs, then back of the house jobs once the venue opens.

“I need employment in my area over there and this will be a game-changer for them," Giunchigliani told us.

David Schwartz is the Director for the Center of Gaming Research at UNLV. He said this new project showcases how quickly Las Vegas is growing, adapting and leading the way.

“Five years ago people would have been happy with one arena, one professional team,” he said. “The pace of change is really speeding up.”

Giunchigliani said there is still some traffic issues to deal with, but the company, along with the Sands will work that out and there is parking in the area.

“We still have to work on traffic flow. We want ingress and egress because the monorail runs right through there, there’s no widening we can do. They’re going to be experimental on traffic and how we can get people in and out,” she said.

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