New video shows British Airways Boeing 777 fire at McCarran


McCarran International Airport surveillance shows the initial moments when British Airways 2276 was on the runway headed for a 10-hour flight to London, England.

The video was taken on Sept. 8, 2015. Shortly after takeoff, you can see the left engine burst into flames.

The Boeing 777 quickly came to a halt as smoke billowed up into the sky.

Another angle shows the emergency chutes inflated with passengers rushing to get out of the burning inferno. Exactly 157 passengers and 13 crewmembers were on board.

Dozens and dozens of passengers received cuts and scrapes during their slide down the chute. Luckily, no one died.

After two years of investigation, an NTSB report filled with hundreds of pages concluded "engine failure" caused the fire.

Early NTSB findings were that a catastrophic failure occurred at a crucial compression point when the engine was under the highest pressure.

On the tarmac, investigators recovered several 7- 8-inch fragments from the spool assembly of the high-pressure engine compressor.

They noted some shards apparently sliced through the armored shell around the engine.

It took British Airways six months to repair the big twin-engine plane.

The airline replaced the engine and patched the fuselage.

British Airways 2276 took off again from McCarran International in February 2016 and went back to service in March of that same year.

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