New women's safety training offered in the valley

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    It can happen to anyone anywhere, at any time while they're walking, shopping or running in the park.

    “As a woman, that situational awareness is really important,” said Officer Laura Meltzer with LVMPD.

    Now, there is a new training teaching more women how to be on the lookout.

    “How to recognize a potentially dangerous situation and how to maybe avoid that,” Officer Meltzer said.

    Officer Meltzer says there's always been a need for a women's safety training in the community but recently a detective from Seattle brought it here.

    She says it's not your typical self-defense class.

    Instead, women are taught the importance of avoiding distractions like cell phones, being vigilant and specifically what information is needed whenever talking to a dispatcher when calling 911 for an emergency.

    “Things like where you're at specific descriptions, clothing descriptions, vehicle descriptions,” Officer Meltzer said.

    She says if you have a tool for protection, practice using it.

    “If you are in a situation, are you practicing pulling that tool out from wherever it is that you store it,” she said.

    In the training, women are also taught what to do if they are ever attacked like to scream and fight for your life.

    “And it’s surprising how hard that is because that is something again that you kind of need to practice,” Officer Meltzer said.

    She says the goal is to get more women to develop their own personal safety plan to help decrease the number of women becoming victims.

    “We are asking women to ask yourself what’s going to work for you,” Officer Meltzer said.

    Anyone wanting to schedule an instructor for their employees or community group can contact their nearest LVMPD Area Command or the LVMPD VICE section at 702-828-3455.

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