NHP Troopers remind motorists of 'Move It' law

Heavy traffic, road construction, and a minor crash. It's a combination that can lead to major delays on the freeway, and with Project Neon's 'main event' in full swing, NHP is trying to keep traffic moving.

"It's really crazy," says one driver.

The nearly $1B widening project has motorists on I-15 stressed, which is why State Troopers are reminding motorists involved in fender benders on the freeway to move it.

They say you must get out of the travel lane and drive to the nearest shoulder to wait for help.

Nevada law requires you to move your vehicles to the far right shoulder.

Jason Buratczuk with NHP said, "A lot of people think they need to stay put to take pictures. All troopers are trained in accident reconstruction. We can tell what happened by damage to the cars."

Trooper Buratczuk says drivers who refuse to move their cars can be cited for impeding the flow of traffic. He calls it a safety issue with a risk for secondary crashes as other motorists slams on their brakes.

"If you stop in that lane we've taken two lanes down to one," stated Buratczuk.

A safety reminder to keep traffic flowing.

Project Neon will continue to be a messy reality through the summer of 2019.

"A little bit of growing pains for 9 months but we'll have one of the most efficient freeways in the country," says Buratczuk.

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