media day: the capitals' big star is overchkin, the knights' is their teamwork #nocaps

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hockey is an international sport, and the stanley cup is hockey's holy grail!

this stanley cup final media day was the first time both stanley cup teams – vegas and the washington capitals -- were available for interviews in the same location.

one of the biggest attractions was capitals' star alex ovechkin. during ovechkin’s time at the podium following a morning skate, he learned from a reporter that he has many fans in china.

ovechkin is from russia, and even joked about president vladimir putin calling him.

his star power served as a contrast to what's been talked about all season long in reference to the golden knights. what the knights lack in big names --minus goaltender marc-andre fleury -- they make up for by playing as a team and combining their strengths.

despite the threat that the capitals’ ovechkin poses to vegas, golden knights head coach gerard gallant says they're not preparing for just one player, but the whole washington team. the caps couldn't have gotten this far without teamwork.

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