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North Las Vegas company may be first to recycle mattresses

MATTRESS RECYCLING  | Gonzalez | WED 06/26/13 | 4PM
MATTRESS RECYCLING | Gonzalez | WED 06/26/13 | 4PM
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LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) --Our beautiful desert is sometimes illegally used as a dumping ground.

Among the items left in the dirt are mattresses, which themselves can be health hazards.

Now the Southern Nevada Health District opened the way for a North Las Vegas company to become the first in Clark County to begin recycling mattresses.

Mattress Paloma makes mattresses. When people buy one, often they get rid of their old one.

"That's how it started. we would sell a new mattress and we would always have mattresses like just throwing there so we decided to just bring them apart and recycle the material," said manager Claudia Ortiz.

Ortiz says before you recycle you need permission. It's been working with the Southern Nevada Health District

And very soon may begin accepting a lot of mattresses from the public to recycle for the environment.

"This is the first solid waste facility that we're going to be permitting," said Dennis Campbell, Environmental Health Manager with the Southern Nevada Health District, "I think it's a good idea, because it helps with our recycling rate because we're trying to increase within Clark County."

Since it's just starting out, Matress Paloma won't be recycling the entire mattress but a good portion of it including the metal from the springs.

The wood from the bed frame would also be recycled. but only metal and wood for now, not the mattress stuffing. That will be tossed out.

The company is also protecting employees from coming in contact with potential bed bugs. They do use a disinfectant.

So once they get final approval. People can start bringing their old mattresses to be recycled.

"We're very excited. We're actually doing something for the community," Ortiz said.

While they are making sure to be responsible about not spreading germs, the health district would make inspections four times a year. Mattress Paloma could begin operating by the end of next month.

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