North Las Vegas mother wants someone arrested for son's unsolved death

33-year-old Drew Nesbit was killed on December 23.png

Over a year has gone by and so far the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has not received any clues on the death of 33-year-old Drew Nesbit.

Now, his mother continues to hope that his unsolved case will end with an arrest.

Nesbit died on Dec. 23, 2017, after he was hit by a vehicle while crossing a street near E. Flamingo Road and Maryland Parkway, and his mother, Yolanda Stringfellow, says there is not a day she doesn't think about her son.

"I'm hurt. I still miss my son. I still feel it. I couldn't even be there for him when he took his last breath," Stringfellow said. "You need to pay the consequences of your actions because we all have to."

LVMPD says there are few leads. Investigators say there wasn't any surveillance of the crash.

Stringfellow said, "I want justice. This guy is walking around, walking around like they got away with something. Nothing is being done."

The only description of the suspect's car was that it was a white Lexus.

The crash was reported only when another pedestrian found Nesbit's body in the road around 2:30 a.m.

"It hit him really hard and broke his body up so bad. The mortician said they never seen a body so broken like that," said Stringfellow.

She says that during his life, her son served people as a volunteer. He fed and gave blankets to the less fortunate.

She thinks her son deserves justice, and she shared a message for the hit and run driver, saying, "You know, because you have to live with this the rest of your life. You took someone's life and you need to understand. You need to own up to it."

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