North Las Vegas’ newest Manager comes with controversy

NLV City Council Meeting.PNG

It was a unanimous vote for Ryann Juden. The former Assistant City Manager takes over the head job in the interim. The vote went smoothly but for the City of North Las Vegas, the path that led them here has been anything but.

The position of City Manager became available suddenly one week ago when Qiong Liu announced her immediate retirement or resignation from the position. One day before she sent a memo in which she claimed to terminate Ryann Juden from his role as Assistant City Manager.

Her decision to fire him came with serious allegations.

Juden she claimed had misled City leadership about funding for the Apex Industrial Park project that had been the cornerstone of the City’s rebuilding efforts. She also claimed he had “inappropriate communications with unions and political sponsors.”

On Wednesday, several union leaders supported Juden as the City’s new interim Manager.

Liu rescinded both the termination and the comments in a separate memo.

After he was confirmed by City Council, Juden dismissed the memo.

“It’s difficult to comment on someone’s state of mind in a time of duress,” Juden told us. “You heard a stakeholder who had concerns about how his project was characterized based on conversations with the previous City Manager and staff.”

Juden said he was not planning on becoming the permanent City Manager but instead is focused on his current role. His job comes with a 5% pay increase.

Mayor John Lee was unavailable for comment.

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