Chaos breaks out in front of North Las Vegas murder scene involving 21-year-old mother

The murder of a 21-year old mother touched off a string of fistfights as North Las Vegas Police investigated.

Chaos erupted off of 5th and Carey. The mother of the murder victim, dressed in light blue, shoved another woman. The scuffle touched off other fights. North Las Vegas Police had to call in back up as the melees escalated.

The angry emotion happened right in front of the body of 21-year-old Damonea Hull. Detectives say Hull was found dead right outside her apartment after 8:30 this morning.

Monique Conner says her friend was cold-heartedly shot and killed.

"She got shot. Yeah, shot in the face," Conner said.

North Las Vegas police did not release a description of the gunman but say someone in the neighborhood had to have seen something.

"This is a highly populated residential area," said North Las Vegas Police spokesperson Ann Cavaricci. "There are always people coming and going on foot."

Tamara Crane says Hull was a good friend of hers.

"She was a happy person," said Crane. "She lived life. She had dreams for her and her son."

Family members say Hull was headed to work to support her one-year-old son.

"She was a good mom. She took care of her child. She loved her son very much," said Conner.

"Its very important they catch the killer ASAP," said Crane. "They took a young mother for nothing."

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