NV Energy warns customers of scams, offers tips for protection

NV Energy is offering safety tips to customers after seeing an increase in complaints regarding scams. (MGN Online)

NV Energy, the major energy provider servicing the entire state of Nevada, said in a tweet Tuesday, Jan. 15, that it has seen an increase in complaints recently from customers regarding scams.

Now, the company is providing some helpful tips and facts for customers to be better protected.

According to the NV Energy website, customers are falling victim to phone scams and people falsely identifying themselves as field employees.

To be sure you’re not a victim of a phone scam, remember:

  • NV Energy will not call your home or business to collect payment or to threaten immediate service disconnection
  • NV Energy will not demand immediate payment by credit card, prepaid debit card or cash transfer.

If you are contacted for immediate payment or believe you’ve been the victim of a phone scam do not provide information to the caller, hang up the phone and call law enforcement.

If someone is claiming to a field employee of NV Energy remember:

  • NV Energy will never come to your home offering an unscheduled service such as a Home Energy Assessment or Smart Thermostat installation.
  • For services where the technician does not need to enter your home, they may knock on your door to before performing that service as courtesy.
  • Field Employees are not authorized to collect payments or inspect wiring inside the home.
  • NV Energy employees also identification that includes their photograph.

If you ask for this identification and one is not produced, do not allow that person inside your home.

Customers can also call NV Energy Corporate Security to verify a person is an employee at 775-834-3586 for Northern Nevada and 702-402-5007 for Southern Nevada.

To contact customers regarding their bill and other matters NV Energy will mail a 10-day notice on the bill and a 48-hour notice via U.S. Mail to customers at risk of having their power disconnected because of nonpayment, or NV Energy will give customers a courtesy call containing a recorded message asking them to call NV Energy at a specific number depending on their service area.

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