Nye County sheriff leaves gun in Pahrump casino

Sharon Wehrly - Sheriff.PNG

The Nye County sheriff is under scrutiny after she admitted to leaving her gun inside a bathroom at a Pahrump hotel and casino.

Sheriff Sharon Wehrly says last week, after a long meeting, she went to lunch at the Saddle West Resort. While on lunch, she went to use the bathroom and since she was not wearing a gun belt, she took the gun out of the holster and laid it up on a counter in the stall.

"I got a phone call and started answering questions and inadvertently walked away from the gun," she said.

Sheriff Wehrly says she walked out of the bathroom, got up to the cafe and realized she didn't have her firearm. Turned around and went back to retrieve it.

"The undersheriff was with me and as soon as I hit the stairs a security guard hailed me and asked me if I was there about the gun found in the ladies bathroom. I told the security officer I was there for the gun. It was mine and asked who found it," she said.

According to Sheriff Wehrly, an employee with Saddle West found the gun and the firearm was taken and put in a secured location.

Sheriff Wehrly says arrangements were made for her to meet with the managers and was able to retrieve the firearm.

"It was embarrassing. A firearm was out of my possession for maybe 10 minutes. No one except for my undersheriff was with me when I picked up that firearm up or when the even happened. I apologized to the manager for what happened and I understand the magnitude of my discretion. I want to tell you that I really apologize for walking away from my firearm and that's all I can say. It was a mistake, I am human and I can only ask for your forgiveness," said Sheriff Wehrly.

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