'Obamacare' enrollment closed, some could face penalties

Despite political claims that the Affordable Care Act will be repealed and replaced it remains the law of the land.

Tuesday was the final day to enroll in coverage from ACA for 2017.

For people without employer-provided coverage, who don’t enroll in government coverage, there will be penalties when it’s time to file tax returns for 2017.

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“If you didn’t have health insurance you’re gonna pay the penalty,” says Certified Public Accountant Brenda J. Stout.

The penalty or “individual mandate” is equal to 2.5 percent of a person’s annual income, with a penalty cap of $2,085 for most income earners.

“You know, nobody loves to pay taxes and nobody loves to pay penalties, but it’s law,” says Trout.

If the law changes its likely penalties for not having health insurance won’t be reversed, according to Trout. She’s advising clients to be insured and comply with the current law even if they believe it will change.

About 86,000 people have enrolled in Affordable Care Act coverage in Nevada, according to Janel Davis with the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange.

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