Off-duty officer kills dog after it attacks another dog

Witnesses say Moto was shot and killed after a fight between two dogs. Both dog owners are distraught over what happened. An off-duty officer pulled the trigger. (Christy Wilcox | KSNV)

Maureen Schorn’s golden retriever, Moto, was shot and killed by an off-duty Metro police officer after witnesses said the dog attacked a neighbor’s dog. Schorn said her dogs are like family, but on Friday when a friend was walking her dogs, they both ran out her door with their leashes on them.

According to witnesses the two dogs, Moto and Chloe, ran into a neighbor’s yard and attacked a Dachshund. The dachshund’s owner said she was hosting a party when she was out in the yard with her dog. She tried to call it inside when she saw the two other dogs approaching, but it was too late.

"He never saw what was coming. it was horrific," said the Dachshund’s owner.

During the attack, witnesses tried to separate the dogs, but they had no luck, that’s when an off-duty officer shot Schorn’s dog, Moto.

Schorn said her golden retrievers have never been aggressive dogs and questions whether too much force was used.

"It was absolutely unwarranted, it was way overkill," Schorn said.

The Metro officer is now under investigation by the Critical Incident Review Team, or CIRT. According to a spokesperson for Metro, C.I.R.T., will look into the factors that were known to the officer then analyze if his actions were within the law and within department policy.

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