Footage shows officer fight man who resisted arrest, ending in shooting

OIS footage.png

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released body camera video of the 12th deadly officer-involved shooting this year.

In the initial moments after Officer Paul Bruning pulled over 43-year-old Demontry Boyd for reckless driving, he is heard telling the suspect to pull over, shut the vehicle off and step out of the car.

“Why are you being stopped?” Bruning is heard saying. “Because you're driving recklessly.”

The traffic stop happened Saturday morning at the intersection of Sunrise and 18th Street. The body camera video shows Boyd quickly refusing to listen to commands.

“I want you to keep your hands out of your pockets and walk back here,” Bruning is heard telling Boyd.

Within seconds Boyd charges at the officer.

“I’m going to arrest you,” Bruning told Boyd. “Get down on the ground. Get down on the ground.”

A fight commenced, and Bruning used his taser.

“Taser deployed!” Brunings said. “Code red.”

Investigators say the taser did not work. Boyd then goes underneath his car, stands back up, and charges again at the officer.

“Dude, I’m going to shoot you,” Bruning warned. A home surveillance angle gives you a sense of the struggle.

Seconds later, Bruning fires two shots. Boyd later died at a hospital.

Through the investigation, officers say they discovered Boyd had a homemade knife on his belt.

“He kept trying to reach for that item,” said Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman. “The officer told him numerous times. The officer sensed some type of danger. He was right.”

Police say Boyd had a long criminal history. He was a convicted felon from California with prior carjacking charges and other numerous felony charges.

“Boyd had the opportunity to fight or flight,” Zimmerman said. “He had the opportunity to give up. He had the opportunity to flee if he wanted. Instead, he charged the officer.”

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