Olympic Gold Medalists speak to students at a local high school on continuing education

Olympic Gold Medalists.jpg

The President of Barrick Gold U.S.A, Michael Brown and Olympic Gold Medalist rowers Susan Francia and Esther Lofgren spoke to students at Desert Pine High School last week.

The gold medalist talked students on continuing educations and how athletics can help enhance academic accomplishments. Francia and Lofgren discussed their experiences as top athletes, their commitment to the sport of rowing and the personal struggles they overcome to make it the Olympics.

Lofgren is a 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist in the USA Women's Eight, ten-time USA National Team rower and four-time world champion. Brown is an avid rower and has served in various leadership capacities with the Capital Rowing Club.

Barrick's philanthropic policy reflects their commitment to corporate social responsibility, with a specific focus on education in order to support a better future for Nevada students.

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