Olympics get hi-tech makeover at CES

A general view of the hallway during the first day of CES Tuesday, January 9, 2017, at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. CREDIT: Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau

They are the moments that can define a country. Iconic images that stir emotion.

The question today, “How do you watch the Olympics?”.

If you want to know where this conversation is heading consider where its happening. We're at the center of all things new and hi-tech; the Consumer Electronics Show. On stage is Yiannis Exarchos, the head of Olympic Broadcasting Services and a four-time Olympian and current CEO of Sports Innovation Lab, Angela Ruggiero.

They are discussing how technology is changing the oldest sporting tradition in history. New this year, NBC is providing coverage of every event live on their digital platforms. They will also utilize Virtual Reality to allow viewers an immersive way to watch their favorite events.

“Its a unique opportunity for people around the world to have a feeling, have a sense of being present at the largest sporting event in the world," said Exarchos.

Former US Woman’s hockey team member Angela Ruggiero says the expansive coverage will help fans stay connected with athletes long after the games are over. It will also allow fans to connect with individual athletes.

“I think more and more you’re going to see people engaging with sports it's getting more personalized, It's getting more on demand..”

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