One October victims in desperate need of help

One October victims in desperate need of help. (KSNV)

Three months ago, Jose Arvilla survived the One October mass shooting but now, he says he feels like a victim again.

"The money is there. Why is it not dispersed to us if it's collected in our names?"

Jose's talking about the Vegas Strong Fund handled by the National Resorts Associaton. He applied to get $1400 dollars through the Vegas Strong Fund.

"Why is it not dispersed to us if it's collected in our names?" he asked.

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Kimberly Baker said her car got stuck inside the crime perimeter for almost a week, she was forced to cancel her next job. She needed the money to pay bills.

"I was approved and to expect a check for $2000 to $3000 dollars in the next day or two, then nothing, then they called and said sorry it's frozen," Baker said.

"When you promise people to help you catch up and to try to be living normal again...why would you not help us," Baker continued.

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A group called Las Vegas Victims Matter were vetting claims and sending them to Vegas Strong Fund representatives. They were requesting funds for people with immediate needs like those who received eviction notices or are already sleeping in cars.

Currently, this fund has almost $12 million dollars.

Anita Busch is among group members who were helping victims in immediate need. Busch said fund representatives gave verbal and written agreements, but after handing out more than $14,800 to 12 victims, it came to a complete stop when they got notice via email.

The email statement in part said the board of the Vegas Strong Fund is not comfortable with continuing to issue checks to survivors because they are not in the position to vet these claims or accommodate all the financial requests from the team.

The fund’s website is

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