One October victims surprise a man who saved them

North Las Vegas city worker was reunited w/ 2 victims from N. Dakota who he helped save the night of One October. (Gabby Hart | KSNV)

When North Las Vegas employee Maurice Solis showed up at The North Las Vegas Police Awards Tuesday evening, he thought he was only there to watch his son Officer Hayden Solis receive an award.

Little did he know, The North Las Vegas Police Department had quite the surprise in store for him. Solis was at the route 91 concert on October 1st along with his fiancé Edna Angel and his son Hayden who's an NLVPD officer.

When the gunfire started to pour into the crow, Maurice & his fiancé were separated from Hayden, and when they went looking for him, they ended up running across two people who needed their help.

"I went in looking for my son, you know parental instincts and then there was a certain young lady who persuaded me to stick with them a little bit, a lot of bit", said Maurice.

That young lady was McKenna Larsen. When Maurice found her, she was on the ground providing first aid to her boyfriend Andrew Gudmunson who had been shot two times.

"He was in the right spot at the right time", Gudmunson said.

Andrew spent nearly a month in a Las Vegas hospital recovering and the entire time McKenna was right by his side.

On Tuesday evening, it was a reunion Maurice never saw coming.

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Mckenna and Andrew flew in from North Dakota to watch as he and Edna received a civil service award for their heroic efforts that night.

"I’m very thankful for the two of them because he wouldn't be standing here with me without their help," McKenna said.

Maurice immediately hugged the two of them when they walked out at the ceremony, “I was overwhelmed with emotion, I was so excited, I do love them like family", he said.

After the ceremony, they reflected on how such a strong bond was born from a terrible tragedy.

"The bond is unbreakable," Maurice said.

The group said they all keep in touch via phone calls and text messages since the mass shooting happened.

"We're definitely family now", says Maurice’s fiancé Edna.

McKenna and Andrew had some exciting news of their own, on Monday night they got engaged.

"A girl saves your life it's the least you can do, we've been through a lot and we got through this and we can get through anything I believe."

It's a wedding that Maurice says his family wouldn't miss.

"We better be at the wedding I know that”, Maurice said in laughter.

Maurice’s son Officer Hayden can’t be forgotten, when Maurice went looking for him, Hayden was already busy helping other people and loading them into vehicles so they could get medical care.

Officer Hayden received the Medal of Valor on Tuesday night.

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