ONE ON ONE: Comic book legend Stan Lee receives key to the Las Vegas Strip

Marvel's Stan Lee receives the key to the Las Vegas Strip on Friday, Nov. 18, 2016. (KSNV/Nathan O'Neal)

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) - Hollywood executive and comic book writer Stan Lee was honored with the key to the Las Vegas Strip Friday, while also sending a powerful message of unity.

From "Spider-Man" to "Iron Man," Lee is often referred to as the godfather of the modern-day superhero.

“You get the same enjoyment you got when you were young reading fairy tales. It’s the same type of thing, because you’re reading things that are bigger than life and more exciting,” Lee told News 3.

The comic book legend received the key to the Las Vegas Strip as a testament to the life lessons the 93-year-old teaches us through stories.

“We never make the villain glamorous, we make the hero glamorous and we try to write every story so that you'll identify with the hero, and you in your own life will want to do good things like the hero does,” said Lee.

Lee is responsible for helping create some of Marvel’s most renowned characters – captivating millions of people of all ages.

“I figured today was kind of my chance to say, ‘Hi. I love your stuff. Thank you for all of this,'” said Marvel fan Benjamin Rosen.

Dozens of fans camped out overnight to meet Lee at the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. located inside the Treasure Island Hotel.

“Everyone that [Lee] makes are flawed and you can relate to – but then everyone has an innate desire to be a good person,” said fan Paula Punio.

Lee also launched what he calls the most important project he’s ever worked on: A message embodied by a pin that depicts a black hand and a white hand clasping each other to encourage respect among all people.

“Maybe there won’t be these awful things that happen in various cities where policemen are shot, civilians are shot. It's not necessary. It's a terrible thing - we should just respect each other,” said Lee.

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