One year after Tashii Brown's death in police custody, his mother demands justice

Tashii Brown's death.png

A mother is demanding justice today, one year after her son was killed at the hands of a police officer.

40-year-old Tashii Brown was distressed and asking for police help outside of the Venetian.

LVMPD officer Kenneth Lopera chased down Brown and tased him several times before putting him into an illegal chokehold. That chokehold killed Brown.

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Today, Brown’s mother, Trinita Farmer, held a demonstration outside the Bellgaio to share stories of those killed by police.

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It’s not only the anniversary of Tashi’s death, but it’s Tranita’s first Mother’s Day without her son. It’s brutal for her.

Officer Lopera was dismissed from the department. He has since filed a lawsuit against LVMPD.

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