One year later, our stadium rises


One year ago, on a beautiful November evening, Las Vegas broke ground on our $1.8 billion ticket to the NFL.

One year later, this is what you see: a 65,000-seat stadium that is now 27 percent complete. Besides the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders, it will also be the home of UNLV's football Rebels.

A construction site and a stadium have risen from the ground on the acreage bordered by I-15, Russell, Harmon and Polaris. It’s a literal beehive of concrete-and-steel-rising, with trucks moving and cranes swinging. In the background is one of America’s iconic visuals: the Las Vegas Strip.

Speaking of seats, Donelle Turner and his food truck have a pretty good one. He sits right next door, waiting for the construction lunch rush from some of the 800 workers on site. He’s had his perch for about two months.

“Just a wonderful job that they're doing. They've been making a lot of progress here,” Turner tells News 3.

Yes they have. An estimated $500 million of the $1.8 billion dollar price tag has already been spent.

They've already finished some mezzanines. They've already put in a couple escalators. Three of the stadium's eight towers, or "cores," are finished.

What you notice -- the steel -- is what will hold up the exterior facade. So far, it’s the most recognizable architectural element which will give the stadium is signature “angular” look.

The steel now juts above street level, but the stadium will even be higher.

On top of that will be more steel that will help finish and support the roof.

Of the $763 million in contracts that have been awarded, the company that will run the stadium says 75 percent have gone to Nevada businesses. The company says 68 percent of the construction workforce is minority or women.

The stadium's the buzz of the neighborhood. Right down the street, at the Hollywood Car Museum, the museum's Steve Levesque says he's noticing something.

“Well, you know, I was thinking about that. I think the biggest change that I can see is the area is getting - it's kinda getting cleaned up,” Levesque says.

It's called putting your best foot forward, for a stadium that the Raiders say is on schedule, on budget, and on track to be finished July 2020.

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