Over 30,000 sign Care 2 petition to save Bonnie Springs Ranch

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A new Care2 petition is calling on the City of Las Vegas to protect Bonnie Springs Ranch from demolition by naming it a historical landmark.

Over 30,000 have signed the Care2 petition.

The Care2 petition was launched by Las Vegas resident Peter Hall after news broke that Bonnie Springs Ranch has been sold to a custom-home developer.

“The city tried to demolish the Huntridge theater years ago, and our community was able to preserve this historical building by signing a petition to make it a historical landmark,” writes Hall on his Care2 petition.

“Let's do the same for Bonnie Springs founded in 1843 with many historical buildings loaded with artifacts and memorabilia from the beginnings of our fine state," he said.

On Jan. 8, 2019, News 3 spoke with Heather Fisher of Save Red Rock. She says at this point they are not concerned. However, they will be if there's a call for a zoning variance.

"Red Rock Canyon must always remain rural. We must never give up the public lands that are here," said Fisher. "We must protect the few property rights that are here that are not trying to change to a higher density."

The development project is currently slated to break ground in March 2019.

To sign the petition, click here.

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