Power restored to Glendale area, rest of Moapa Valley after hours-long outage

Power Outage affects Overton and Mesquite. (KSNV)

Around 15-thousand people were without power for most of the day in Southeastern Nevada. The problem was resolved 10 hours later.

At Pirates Landing in Logandale, the “open” sign shines brightly.

“This was the second restaurant we tried. The other one is not serving because they don’t have food," said Becky Hardy.

That's because the power was out for around 10 hours in many communities in Southeastern Nevada.

“Mesquite, Bunkerville, Overton, Logandale, Moapa, Glendale, the Valley of Fire, and the Moapa-Paiute Reservation," said Mendis Cooper with the Overton Power District #5.

The thought of being forced to shut down the restaurant was nerve-wracking, to owner Eldon Wittig.

“There’s a lot less volume here, so you have to count on every day. Our coolers are pretty good as far as holding it for 12 hours, but beyond that, we would have had to get some generators going," he said.

Cooper says a power pole fire was the culprit.

“A pretty significant storm rolled through last night," he said.

The situation was an inconvenience to the Hardy family in Logandale.

“The washer is full of wet clothes because it stopped, said Becky Hardy.

“I got cold, so I had to go out and turn on the car heater and read a book in the car until I got warmed up," said Ann Hardy.

Power was back around sunset, just in time to light up the communities.

If you're having problems with power, you are urged to contact the power company.

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