Paiute Pot: First dispensary on Nevada tribal land opens to public

Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace has been three years in the making. “Nuwu” means “the people” in the native Paiute language. 10/16/17 (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

The largest marijuana dispensary in the country opened its doors near downtown Las Vegas – and it’s the first retail cannabis store to open in Nevada on tribal land.

Nuwu Cannabis opened up at its 15,000-square foot facility Monday on Main Street near Washington Avenue.

“This was a long time coming,” said Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Chairman Benny Tso. “We are the largest, in fact, in the United States.”

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The retail store sports a sleek and spacious design with water features throughout the floorplan.

Tso made his first purchase, opting for Willie’s Reserve pre-roll joints.

The tribe – trying to protect its new pot business -- has also removed the slot machines from its smoke shops to keep any form of gaming away from cannabis.

“We know that we're underneath a microscope ... so I think that was part of waiting so long to get this going,” said Tso.

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However, earlier this year, Governor Brian Sandoval signed a pact with Nevada tribes granting them the state’s protection to jump into the marijuana business.

Cannabis industry expert Jason Sturtsman said this is an example of how Nevada is proving to be a leader in finding new frontiers for the cannabis business.

“This is a huge deal,” said Sturtsman. “This is a focus point for other Native American tribes to look at this dispensary and look and see what the Paiute Nation has done here.”

Unlike other dispensaries, the profits at Nuwu Cannabis will go directly to funding the tribal community.

“We want the dollar to roll around in our tribal community before it leaves the reservation,” said Tso, adding that the pricing of the product will remain competitive.

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