Palace Station celebrates grand re-opening after $192 million in renovations

Grand Re Opening.png

The Palace Station Casino on Sahara has been around for more than 40 years. Recently, they’ve done some major renovations, and now now they’re celebrating the new improvements with a grand re-opening celebration just in time for Labor Day.

The resort’s $192 million in renovations was spent on modernizing the hotel, and the tonight’s celebration includes a free concert for guests, along with food, reasonably priced drinks, and a fireworks show.

The venue was built in 1976 and it started out as just a 5,000-square-foot casino with 100 slot machines. It was made to cater to the locals in Vegas.

Now, after over 40 years, they’re making some major upgrades. The renovation and expansion project includes new amenities, floors, ceilings, as well as a new sports book with some cool features. A new fancy bingo hall, a new swimming pool, and brand-new restaurants also have people lining up.

“It’s important to everyone here within the property, but it’s also important to people at the other properties to see us not only investing back into the properties here at Palace Station, but the company,” said David Horn, Assistant GM and Vice President at Palace Station. “I think, when you see the looks on the people that work here the, face they have now the pride, it was the right decision.”

Alvin Robinson, who frequents Vegas and the Palace Station, says he’s happy with what he sees.

“I’m very comfortable here and how I feel with these new renovations? I will keep coming back and spend my money here,” said Robinson.

And Palace Station says they’re not done yet. They’re still renovating and adding a movie theater that won’t have a concession stand. Instead, people will order from their seats and someone will bring the food to them inside of the theater.

At 9:30 tonight there’s going to be a big fireworks show to end the celebration, and officially welcome a new-and-improved Palace Station.

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