Parents of man killed in police shooting file excessive force lawsuit

Parents of man killed in police shooting file excessive force lawsuit

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is facing a civil rights lawsuit one year after a deadly police shooting in the northwest valley, which involved a man wielding a butter knife.

The parents of the man killed claims LVMPD went too far.

It happened within less than a minute. An LVMPD officer responded to a call about a fight outside a pawn shop on July 11, 2017. Body camera video shows Officer William Pollock race toward 27-year-old Caleb Blaylock, who was seen running from the scene with a butter knife.

Body camera video shows the officer demanding Blaylock to drop the knife and also reporting via radio that he was stabbing himself.

As Officer Pollock approached Blaylock, Pollock opened fire without leaving his squad car. Ten seconds later, the officer fired another burst of shots, which ultimately killed Blaylock, according to the complaint filed in federal court this week.

“When he is lying on the ground in front of the officer and he put four more bullets in his back, that is when I say enough,” said Caleb’s father Stephen Blaylock.

Blaylock’s parents told News 3 it has been the worst year of their lives.

After a year of soul-searching, they filed a lawsuit against LVMPD, claiming excessive force in Caleb’s death.

While LVMPD is not commenting on the lawsuit, the department has openly supported the officer’s actions given the circumstances.

Blaylock’s parents believe their son was emotionally or mentally distressed at that moment. However, Caleb’s parents hope that legal action will force LVMPD to revisit how they approach these kinds of scenarios.

“It just seems like there should be more policies in place. You know, coming up on Caleb was probably the biggest problem and after that, how quickly it all happened,” said Caleb’s mother Rosalind Blaylock.

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